Walks from Downley

Walks from Downley Route 1

WW & return via Cookshall fields

This route to West Wycombe and back via farm fields is 3 miles and should take just over an hour.

  1. Starting in Downley centre take the path from Faulkner Way immediately past ChilternWood School and all the way down the slope.  It can get muddy though in Winter.  Or you can take any of the paths from Grays Lane/Pheasant drive into Branch Wood and the fields towards Cookshall Lane and West Wycombe. Turn left onto Cookshall Lane.
  2. Just under the railway bridge turn right through the gate into the Pedestal playing fields.  Cross towards the right hand corner (although heading for middle of parking area first means you don’t have to clamber over the low fence). 
  3. Continue along the main road for 50 metres and turn right on path crossing the crop field. (if you want to avoid the main road there are a couple of stiles on RHS of field – use them and walk right along edge of ploughed field)
  4. Go beneath another railway bridge and enter another crop field ahead and slightly to your right.  You will be walking alongside a fence on your left.  Private (& wildlife conservation) notices prevent you going left and  right in field.  Continue straight up the field edge to a narrow path through a small woodland.  Overhanging bushes can be quite low so take care of heads.  Path continues clearly along edges of more fields mainly used for breeding pheasant and into another thick woodland. You will therefore need to have your dog on a lead in this area.  Again private notices prevent you going sideways into other fields.  This woodland will take you down to a muddy farm track.
  5. Cross straight over and up through the crop field to Cookshall shooting lodge.  Go through the car park onto Cookshall Lane and turn left.  Continue upwards for approximately 100 yards and then as the road bears left, take the right ‘valley’ track. You have 2 options:
    1. continue all the way up the narrow valley to reach a gate and cropped field. Go straight on across the field to another gate which brings you into the Downley woods. Turn right along the path and passing cottages, allotments and football fields you will come out on Downley Sports field/ cricket pitch.
    2. shortly after the open area of the valley, just as it becomes more woodland turn right up a steeply sloping path to the edge of a cropped field. Keep the hedge on your left hand side (and usually the corn cobs where pheasant hide on your right) go straight on to a gate. Through the gate into a grass field and straight on again to another gate next to sports pavilion and Downley sports pitches.
  6. Walk diagonally across the pitch towards the common, down past Moor Lane church and up onto High Street.

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