Walks from Downley

Walks from Downley Route 3

Toweridge and rear West Wycombe estate

This is a newly discovered route (for me!) which many Downleyites probably don’t think about despite looking out at the area most days.  Very beautiful with added interest of varied architecture.  It’s about 4 miles depending on your route up and down from the village and will take a good hour and half.  You have the option to shorten it and just do Toweridge which will take less than an hour.

  1. Start in the field off Pheasant drive below Brench Woods. Take the path down the left hand edge in the woodland (don’t actually go into the field) to the bottom.  It leads to a bridge (which few people know is there!) over and alongside the railway to West Wycombe Road (by Grant and Stone). 
  2. Cross over and continue right along WW Rd entering the second turning (Park Farm Road). 
  3. At the end of the road there is a path which leads you along to the left by the River Wye.  Take the bridge over the stream and you pass and see several buildings on the edge of the West Wycombe Estate as you walk through the most beautiful little oasis of calm!  (Note that you are close to ground water levels here so it can be very boggy even now and some stepping stone jumping may be required!) You come out on the estate drive leading to Chapel Lane. 
  4. Turn right and right again up Toweridge Lane.  At the top of the puffy hill continue into the private Heathfield Road to look at the rather nice houses (who knew!).  At the end of the road continue into the nature reserve and straight on along the ridge.  (If you wish to shorten the walk turn right here and right again to walk in the nature reserve back behind the posh houses and back down Toweridge Lane)  Coming off the path to the left you get a great view back to Downley). 
  5. The ridge path goes past the back of Wycombe Wanderers stadium to the left and gives great views of west wycombe estate on your right.  Continually along the path until you reach an estate road by a cottage – follow this road round to the right. 
  6. You pass several gorgeous estate cottages (including a thatched one) until you pass the mounted statue above WW house.  Shortly after here take the right road turn down the hill (Toweridge Lane) until you reach the West Wycombe Road. 
  7. Cross over and take WW hill road up and round until you reach a path on the right hand side (past the school, houses and caves).  This goes down the hill again to the Bradenham Road when you can choose your route home via Cookshall Lane which is just to your right by the Pedestal garage.

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