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Grays Lane lower 1-37
Hillfield Close
Langley Close
The Pastures


If you're willing to be a street rep for these areas, please contact


If you're thinking of setting up a COVID19 support group in your street, the COVID19 Acton has developed some guidance on what to consider. This is a preliminary effort and any local organisers should contact with any suggestions for improvements.

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Downley Parish Council's emergency committee has issued this guidance for how people in Downley can help to protect themselves and their vulnerable neighbours from infection with Covid 19 coronavirus infection.

  1. Information sources
    The primary reliable source of information is Not all information from newspapers, television or particularly social media is reliable so check with the above source. If you (or a neighbour) are not online, then ask someone who is, to print it for you.
    Other useful information is at
    a. UK Government Response
    b. Map tracking confirmed infections
    Remember that this is a changing situation and official guidance will change in the coming weeks, so make sure you keep up to date. The Downley emergency committee will also update its plan as required which is available on

    The following sections describe what we in Downley can do help ourselves.
  2. Downley Support Network
    At the basic level, every household should contact their neighbours for 2 houses on each side and swop phone numbers in case you are forced to self-isolate. Some areas of Downley may already have formed ad-hoc neighbourhood groups or "street associations" in which case ensure that you know how communicate with each other by phone, email, text, WhatsApp etc. Use the cards opposite if people are out.

    Be aware that in the event of a power cut, your connection to the internet and mobile network lasts only as long as the battery. Make sure you have a phone that connects to a landline.

    We ask that a representative from each group provide contact details to the emergency committee at to enable the Parish Council to distribute critical information.
  3. Households in self-isolation
    Those who are exhibiting symptoms including high temperature and a new continuous cough currently should self-isolate in their own homes and the over-70s and vulnerable may be asked to do so in the coming days. These households should contact their neighbours and/or neighbourhood group to let them know.

    Self-isolators will need access to basic necessities including food, household essentials and medicines. If you can order these online for delivery please do so. If delivery times are excessive or you are not online please contact your neighbour or local group for assistance with shopping, medical appointments etc. We would ask residents to check regularly on those who self-isolating to see if they are in need of assistance – see postcards to the right.
    Prescriptions will be available from Downley Pharmacy which can either deliver or has an automated collection system available for third parties to collect from. Residents may wish to switch their designated pharmacy to Downley.

Downley Parish Council Emergency Committee 17th March 2020

Download letter and printable forms here