Downley Day

It’s good to see Downley Day moving with the times as the event was opened by a King and Queen represented by Leon Santos and Mia Ferens this year as shown in the photo. Excuse the stilt-walker photo-bombing the shot!

The entertainment was kicked off by the talented LEAP cohort who presented an excerpt from “Finding Neverland”.

Making their first appearance at Downley Day was High Voltage Entertainments featuring stilt walking, juggling and fire-eating – please don’t try this at home!

The ever popular dog show was well-attended as usual – many thanks to Temple End vets for supporting this.

And finally it was good to see the martial arts display team run by John Gilbert return to the arena to show what his kids can achieve with the right training.

Concert on the Common featured 4 bands this year, Vibes Steel Band, Overtime, Hustler and old favourite Fawesome. As CotC gets bigger and more popular we have had start adding some control measures to keep things under control and avoid any possible problems, so concert-goers will have noticed the presence of four stewards patrolling Commonside in high-vis jackets. In addition restrictions on barbeques have now become a permanent feature due to the risk of fire and potential danger to small children running around. Please take note of this for next year. Traffic on Commonside also remains an issue which will be addressed. Despite these issues, everyone still seemed to enjoy themselves. Thanks are due to Q Logistics for the loan of the truck and Hillclimb for their sponsorship

The 5K Fun run attracted 138 runners and was won by Russell Tapping in a time of 19min 07secs. To find your place and time visit

Profits from the Downley Day events go to support the local community in the forms of grant awards. You can apply for such a grant if you are a local non-profit-making organisation providing benefits within Downley or to Downley residents. Application must be submitted to by 17th November 2019 and contain details of the amount requested and the purpose to which it will be put. The purpose should be a specific project rather than just a contribution toward running expenses. For guidance, a typical award is a few hundred pounds.

Lastly, the Downley Day Committee will be holding its AGM on the 19th November in the Community Centre at 8pm at which time we will announce the successful recipients of the above grants.

To contact the Committee please send an email to or call 07989 748654