Starlight Stores

A local store that needs more talking about

It's not very often that we feel the need to have say on what goes on in Downley, but here goes...

Over the past few years we have seen Starlight Stores change, from a community convenience store to a mini market and coffee shop. The later has been a much-needed addition to the village and with the introduction of some truly great pizzas, the Starlight Store has made an impact in the village.

Sadly, due to a lack in patronage from the community, this resource is going to be shut just before the summer, Sam has expressed his concerns that the store is not tuning over anywhere near what it needs to in order to survive and thrive. The Coffee shop and Pizza business will continue to operate, but again if the services are not utilized, they too may find their way into the history of the village convenience store.

So, what can we do?

Use the store more often rather than using just Tesco or Co-Op. I am sure your shopping habits could accommodate a little walk to the High Street. If we can improve the turnover, we may be able to stop the closure and save a business. Let’s face it, The UP Festival is starting soon and the Concert on The Common will not be the same without that mad rush to Starlight Stores to replenish the beer and wine stocks for another great evening with friends and family.

Your local services need your help, without you, they become just a memory.

Mark Starkey