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Jun 2011

World Challenge trip to Croatia

Over the first week of the Easter holiday, I visited Croatia and had a great time thanks in part to the support of the Coffee Stop at my Table Top Sale. I made £45, much more than I had previously expected.

Now, to the trip. We arrived at about 2a.m. Croatian time (I am here in the UK). It was freezing cold and pitch black whilst we put up our tents on the rocky ground..

Everyone was critical at the start, however it improved greatly with sea kayaking the first day and lots of walking for the next three. It was truly exhausting! The view at the top of the Black Peak was breathtaking, well worth the three hour climb with rucksacks.  We reached the very peak which is 110 metres high, taller than either Snowdon or Scafell Pike.  The last two days were rafting where we went down a three metre waterfall and jumped from the top of a four metre waterfall before seeing a pair of golden eagles swoop around above us.

It was a truly fantastic experience, although I did miss my mum's cooking after a week of cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and pasta for dinner!

RGS Pupil Tom Correy