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Jun 2011

An Evening of Music at Downley School

A host of music enthusiasts assembled at the Downley School on the evening of Thursday 16th June to enjoy nearly 40 different performances from a whole range of abilities and styles of music. The trumpet, guitar and piano were much in evidence influenced perhaps by the efforts of teachers from the High Wycombe Music Centre.

Andy Rogers started off conducting and accompanying the school band in a medley of tunes for flutes and trumpets and he spent the first session accompanying the rest of the brass and woodwind performers from the school. The first half produced notable performances from Thomas Bass who produced a very polished sound from his trumpet playing Jeremiah Clarke's Trumpet Voluntary while Ellie Johnson gave a jazzy rendition of Blues for Big Ears. Tony Ferrer was one of the few violins to perform with studies in G Major and C Major, while Lucy Howitt played a beautiful harp solo. The first half was completed by a very different sound from James Thompson's electric guitar solo of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train"; a bad influence on all those classical guitarists!

The school choir opened the second half with 2 songs from the West End musical "Wicked", namely "Popular" and "For Good". Sam Holwill is nuturing considerable interest in the classical guitar and accompanied 6 separate group performance as well as supporting several soloists, prominent among whom was Saumark Bhaumick who played a selection arranged by John Whitworth, including Cavatina and Heart of Spain.

It was heartening to see the number of people proficient in more than instument such as Becky Howitt (voice, flute and piano), Gargi Agrey (piano and clarinet), Joshua Lancaster (guitar and clarinet) and Lucy Howitt (harp and piano). Special mention should perhaps go to Sara Lancaster as the only parent brave enough to accompany their child on stage, a marked reduction from last year. There's nothing more encouraging to the children than to see their parents taking part; let's see more volunteering next year!

The final virtuoso performance of Handel's "The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" for two violins was given by Lucy and Zoe Twine, clearly a double act to look out for in the future.

The school Parents Association are to be congratulated on putting together a performance by so many and with such enthusiasm and we look forward.

Reported by Bill Thompson