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Jun 2011

Swift Nesting Sites Survey 2011 - Help needed !

Information collected by the British Trust for Ornithology shows that the number of swifts breeding in Britain has declined considerably - by 44% in the South East between 1995 and 2008.

Much of this decline is caused by the loss of nesting sites, due to building repairs or even simple re-pointing of brickwork, which means that swifts can no longer access a traditional site.

Swifts nest in the eaves of buildings or in gaps in the wall or tiles of a building. Their nests are not visible from the outside. In fact they use very little by way of nest material at all. It is not easy to find the exact site of a swift’s nest, unless you see one entering the building where it nests. However, breeding swifts have a distinctive screaming display flight particularly noticeable on fine summer evenings around buildings. When you hear this you can be sure that they are breeding nearby.

Please take the time to help out and fill in this questionaire.