Local News


Sep 2011

Works undertaken in Plomer Hill

Works undertaken in Plomer Hill by the Bridges Section to increase the height of the kerbs over the railway bridge is to prevent vehicles going up on the weak footway (rated 3 tonnes max) to access the left turn filter lane at the lights, which we accept is likely to result in longer queues exiting Downley.

However, we need to ensure that pedestrian safety is taken in to account and cannot allow for vehicles to mount the footpath and cause a danger/hazard as well as damage the highway structure.

The signals team wish to upgrade the lights again at Plomer Hill to provide a new more efficient control system, pedestrian crossing facilities and CCTV coverage, subject to funding becoming available as part of the Wycombe western corridor strategy.

Long term strategy (2016 -2021) is for the major upgrade of the Chapel Lane junction and linking to the Plomer Hill lights.

We do review all the junctions in the County on a regular basis to check their efficiency, Plomer Hill was completed in 2010.