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Jun 2011

PC Steve Van Niekerk gives you this month's update for Downley

PC Steve Van Niekerk gives you this month's update for Downley.

The Downley and Disraeli Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) are looking for new members. There will be a meeting at 19:30-21:30 10th May 2011 at Downley Community Centre.

Neighbourhood Priorities:

  • Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)
  • Parking
  • Speeding


Parking has been identified as a Neighbourhood issue. Locations that have been identified to us are Bowler Lea and around our schools at their closing times. We have continued to patrol the schools at closing. We have been informed that we may have displaced some of the parking issues during these patrols so will now patrol larger areas around the schools.

We have delivered information letters to houses in and around Bowler Lea to raise awareness of parking issues.

If anyone is seen to be parking in an illegal manner they may be issued with a £30 Fixed Penalty Ticket.

If you cannot get out of your driveway as a vehicle is blocking it, or if a vehicle is blocking the pavement so a pedestrian cannot pass, please ring our non-emergency number on 0845 8 505 505 and report it to Thames Valley Police.


This is an ongoing issue and it has been highlighted that cars are speeding around the schools at closing time where there is a concern for the children’s safety. Officers have been at the school gates around Downley providing a high visibility deterrent.

Following our recent Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) the following areas were highlighted as speeding hot spots; Plomer Green Hill, Coates Lane and The Pastures.

There will be a speed survey on these sites and from the results we plan to conduct speed enforcement across the Neighbourhood on an ongoing basis but focussing on the areas we have found to be the worst. The NAG has also discussed the procurement of mobile speed signs and speed surveys to identify the problem further.

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)

There has been continuing work around ASB across Downley. We had received feedback from local residents in School Close that ASB had been reduced but we have now been informed of new issues and we are working along side the Public Safety Team to combat this. We are continuing to receive calls in relation to ASB and would encourage people in the community to contact us about any issues around ASB on 0845 8 505 505.

In relation to the ASB in Hughenden Road PCSO Emma Martin is continuing to run an operation and this was a success as the last time it was active no ASB issues were encountered.


We are currently running a Clear Car Campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to send vehicle owner’s a letter about their car security if we spot items on display within their car.

Property marking events will be held at Downley School in May which we believe will help to detect theft offences. If you would like any property marked please come to High Wycombe Police Station with your property that needs marking. Alternatively please contact us and we will arrange a time to do this in you home.

Crime Information:

If you see anyone acting suspiciously please ring Thames Valley Police on our non-emergency number 0845 8 505 505 or in an emergency 999 and let us know.

Offenders brought to justice:

A female was given a Formal Warning for Cannabis Possession

A male was Charged or Summonsed for drug possession excluding cannabis

A male was Charged or Summonsed for Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm

A male person was charged or summonsed for Assault without Injury

A male was Charged or Summonsed for Drug Possession - Cannabis

A male was Charged or Summonsed for Possession of Article with Blade or Point

Community Messaging

Community Messaging is a free service which provides information to subscribers about crime and police activity in their area via phone or email. It also includes information on what we and our partner services are doing to bring offenders to justice or combat anti-social behaviour.  More information can be obtained via our website, and you can sign up by following this link: http://www.tvpcommunitymessaging.org/rmwebportal/startup.aspx (opens new window)

Contact us

If you want any advice or would like to contact the neighbourhood team you can call us on the police non emergency number 0845 8 505 505 but if your call is an emergency then dial 999.   You can also contact us via email: Downley&DisraeliNHPT2(at)thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk - please note this email address cannot be used to contact Thames Valley Police to report crimes or for any urgent matters.   If you have information about crime or Anti Social Behaviour in your area but you do not want to speak to the police, please call the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555111.   To view information on your neighbourhood team you can visit the force website at: www.thamesvalley.police.uk