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Jan 2013

TVP Update for January now available

This Month’s Downley and Disraeli Neighbourhood update is brought to you by PCSO C6863 Jessica MARTIN.

Firstly I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hoped you all had a relaxed Christmas.

The Downley and Disraeli team were out patrolling throughout the festivities.

We have welcomed a new Neighbourhood officer to the team this month PC 7336 Jon O’CALLAGHAN. Jon will be keeping the streets safe along with PC 586 Colin BEDFORD. Whilst myself and PCSO’s C6651 David JONES and C8841 Jennifer WEAVER will be out in force showing presence on foot. ASB on The Pastures Now that the benches have been removed from The Pastures it has reduced the amount of antisocial behaviour within the area. However the communal and stair areas to the flats are still suffering with ASB on a weekly basis.

This year the priority is to get doors put on each of the stair cases. This will only allow residents to gain entry to the communal areas which we believe will decrease the ASB a considerable amount. Criminal Damage and Thefts from Motor vehicles Criminal damage and thefts from motor vehicles have been common this month. Cotsworld Way has had numerous amounts of theft from vehicles. Can I please remind the residents of Downley and Disraeli not to leave property on show in vehicles as this encourages thieves to break into vehicles. The Clear Car Campaign will continue to run and we will be performing spot checks on vehicles parked on the side of roads, letters will be sent to owners reminding them not to leave items visible. Residents on and around the Hughenden road area can I ask to be extra vigilant with suspicious circumstances as there have been a few incidents of criminal damage to vehicles. Anything that raises concern to you please call it in on 101.

Burglaries Unfortunately this December there have been several burglaries within the Downley and Disraeli area. Now that the nights are drawing in earlier we advise you to make it look like your house is occupied. If you are going to be out in darkness please do leave a light on and draw the curtains. Purchasing a light timer is also something we highly recommend and keep an eye out for one another. If you see someone you don’t recognise or that is acting suspiciously call it in on 101.

Neighbourhood Action Groups This year we will be trying to start up two local NAG groups one for Downley and one for Disraeli residents, as feedback from local residents would suggest that this would be more successful. We intend to be holding two open evenings to discuss forming the NAG’s. Times, dates and locations to be arranged. In brief; Neighborhood Action Groups (NAGs) are a key part of Neighbourhood Policing in Thames Valley. A NAG is a multi-agency, problem-solving group that consists of relevant partner agencies, key stakeholders and, most importantly, members of the local community. NAGs focus their work around the main priorities that are identified after consultation with the local community. Members, who are all volunteers, take on responsibility for achieving certain tasks on behalf of their neighbourhood. What’s in it for me? There are several benefits to you in getting involved in your local NAG. As a member of your NAG, you can: Influence decisions and encourage action on issues that matter to people in your neighbourhood. Have chances to change things for the better in your neighbourhood. Gain a sense of satisfaction in making a difference to local quality of life. Add something valuable to your CV – working as part of your NAG can demonstrate lots of skills to a prospective employer. Work together with key partner agencies.

How do I get involved?

For more information about getting involved in your local NAG, please call 101, the Thames Valley Police non-emergency number.

Ask to speak to a representative from your local Neighbourhood Policing team.

Or you can enquire about joining your local NAG by visiting your local police station.