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Dec 2013

December Local Policing Update

This month’s update for Downley and Disraeli is brought to you by PCSO Jennifer Weaver. During November your team: PC Colin BEDFORD, PCSO David JONES and I have been out showing our presence on foot. If you see any of us on the beat, feel free to speak to us as the information you have could be invaluable. Starting with positive news; the team visited the Downley School on Wednesday 20th November to deliver a safety talk to the reception years during their Superheroes week. The children were very welcoming and thoroughly enjoyed our visit, expressing huge excitement at the sight of the police car.

Neighbourhood Priorities Anti Social Behaviour – The team will be focusing on The Pastures Flats as there have been numerous calls in past years of groups of young people congregating on stairwells. Parking – Hithercroft Road, Hughenden Avenue, Kestrel Close/Pheasant Drive and The Pastures are all roads which the team have been and will continue to keep patrolling to assess the state of the parking issues and warn residents of any obstructions. Speeding – Hithercroft Road, Coates Lane, The Pastures and Plomer Hill have all been highlighted to us as roads which attract speeding vehicles. We are working alongside the Parish Council who has obtained funding for a Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) which will be used as traffic monitoring around Downley and Disraeli. Quad bikes This month there has been a noticeable decrease in the reporting of anti social use of Quad bikes and Motorcycles along Hithercroft Road, The Pastures and Telford Way. However, we are aware of reports of a red quad bike, often seen being ridden by two Asian males.

It is driven most specifically along Hughenden Avenue, The Pastures, Brindley Avenue and Hithercroft Road. We are currently attempting to obtain the registration plate of this vehicle, and are appealing for your help. If you see this quad bike being driven in an anti-social manner, please ring the 101 number and pass any information about the registration plate. Parking We have had some reports of vehicles being parked obstructing the junction of Kestrel Close and Pheasant Drive, also vehicles parking obstructing the pavement on Hughenden Avenue. The team will be patrolling these areas more diligently over the coming weeks to ensure that vehicles are not parking in a dangerous manner. If we deem necessary, leaflets will be given to residents detailing that if parking does not improve, tickets can be issued for obstruction.

Criminal Damage to Vehicles There has been one Criminal Damage this month on Willoughbys Walk, where a garage window was broken. Further to this, a kitchen window has also been cracked on The Pastures by a suspected glass bottle. If anyone knows any further information, or sees anything suspicious, please ring us on 101. Theft from Vehicles This month there has been a theft of number plates from a vehicle on Telford Way. With the light starting to darken earlier into the evenings now, the importance of keeping vehicles safe, especially when parked on the road and removing any valuables from sight remains vital to avoid the opportunistic criminals. The Clear Car Campaign will continue to run and letters will be sent to owners reminding them not to leave items visible. If you see anything suspicious please let us know on 101. Theft of Motor Vehicles There have been no reported thefts of motorcycles this month. Unfortunately we have had one theft of a motor vehicle on Tinkers Wood Road the vehicle has since been returned however we are currently in the process of investigating this.

If you or someone you know has information about any thefts of motorcycles or you happen to see something suspicious, please let us know on the 101 line. Theft Other There has been a unique incident involving the Telephone Kiosk on Brindley Avenue this month. An unknown individual has stolen a large amount of money from the machine during the evening. The team would welcome any information regarding this incident, please ring in on 101 if you have anything of value. Burglary This month has thankfully not had any incidents of Burglary. The evening operations conducted during the first initial days of this month was a success, as we visited houses on previous hotspot areas for burglaries and signed residents up to receive Timer Switches. The next scheduled Have Your Say meeting will be held on the 6th December between 3pm and 4pm and will also be a rendezvous point for residents to collect their timer switches. If residents are unable to attend this date, we will be bringing timer switches to the further two meetings, outlined below.

If you would like to receive a Timer Switch or any guidance on keeping your homes safe during this winter season, don’t hesitate to ring us on 101 and ask for an officer to visit you or we can bring it along on the 6th. The team would like to stress the importance of keeping homes lit, alarms activated and valuables removed from the view of people walking past. If anyone sees anything suspicious, please let us know on 101. Have Your Say Meetings Have Your Say Meetings are opportunities for you to speak with members of your Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Each month we arrange a few dates and below are dates to consider if you wish to talk to us about any issues concerning you. Friday 6th December from 3pm until 4pm at the Downley Community Centre Wednesday 18th December from 12pm until 1pm at Cross Court Tesco Express Monday 30th December from 3pm until 4pm at Cross Court Tesco Express