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Feb 2014

Police update for February

Wycombe West - DOWNLEY & DISRAELI monthly update is brought to you by PCSO C8841 Jennifer WEAVER. Antisocial Behaviour(ASB) Over Christmas there has been an increase in calls of this nature.

With the return of students to the University Halls, there has been a slight increase in noise around Hughenden Avenue and Hughenden Road, this we will monitor and contact the University if it continues. There has been one report of children behaving inappropriately at the park in School Close; this is one of our patrol hotspots so we will continue to pay passing attention. If there are any further antisocial incidents, do not hesitate to ring 101.

Mini Motors This month there has only been one single incident relating to the antisocial use of motorcycles. This occurred along Littleworth Road, where the bikes were seen driving towards The Common area of Downley. We are still appealing for your help regarding the red quad bike, often seen being ridden by two Asian males. It is driven most specifically along Hughenden Avenue, The Pastures, Brindley Avenue and Hithercroft Road. If you see this quad bike being driven in an anti-social manner, please ring the 101 number and pass any information about the registration plate. Parking In addition to the nuisance areas already highlighted. There have been numerous complaints of parking issues along Cumbrian Way, Kelvin Close, Coates Lane and Pheasant Drive. As issues with parking are becoming more prevalent across Downley and Disraeli, the team have started making plans for further action. This will be in the form of letters firstly, to warn residents of the problems, before further action is taken in the form of tickets.

Criminal Damage to Vehicles Over Christmas there has been a slight increase in Criminal Damage. A vehicle has been keyed along Hughenden Avenue; a vehicle has had a wiper blade removed on Hughenden Road. If anyone knows any further information, or sees anything suspicious, please ring us on 101. Theft from Vehicles A set of car keys have been taken from a running vehicle on Brunel Road, if anyone locates set of keys, we would be very grateful if they could hand them in to the police station. Clear Car Campaign will continue to run and letters will be sent to owners reminding them not to leave items visible. If you see anything suspicious please let us know on 101.

Theft of Motor Vehicles There have been two reported Thefts of Vehicles this month, one from Tinkers Wood Road and the second from Gibbs Close. If you or someone you know has information about any thefts of motorcycles or you happen to see something suspicious, please let us know on the 101 line. Other A man’s wallet has been found by a member of public on The Pastures, if you know someone who has recently mislaid their wallet, please get in touch with us on 101.

Also, a cat belonging to an address on Willoughby’s Walk has recently been involved in a collision, according to a Veterinary Surgeon. If anybody has any information regarding this unfortunate incident, please inform us on 101. There has been a report of dangerous driving on Telford Way. We are aware of vehicles driving erratically around Downley and Disraeli, and encourage residents to report any issues. We will be able to conduct a speeding operation on the problem roads providing we receive enough reports from residents. Burglaries This month has thankfully not had any incidents of Burglary. However there has been one incident of a burglary non-dwelling to ABC Removals, behind Morrisons. Access was gained however nothing was taken. We are still handing out timer switches for residents, if you would like to receive a Timer Switch or any guidance on keeping your homes safe during this winter season, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

The team would like to stress the importance of keeping homes lit, alarms activated and valuables removed from the view of people walking past. If anyone sees anything suspicious, please let us know on 101. Arson There has been one report of a wheelie bin being set alight on Grays Lane, where the fire spread to nearby housing.

If anybody has any information about this, please get in contact on 101. Have Your Say Meetings Have Your Say Meetings are opportunities for you to speak with members of your Neighbourhood Policing Team. Each month we arrange a few dates where we will be available to speak for an allocated hour at a certain location.

Below are a few dates to consider if you wish to talk to us about any issues concerning you:

  • Wednesday 12th February: 3pm - 4pm at Tesco
  • Monday 24th February: 5pm - 6pm at the Community Centre

Contact us via Email on WycombeWestNHPT@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk or ask for a member of the team by calling us on 101.