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Mar 2014

Police update for March

Neighbourhood Monthly Update for March - DOWNLEY & DISRAELI The February monthly update for Downley and Disraeli is brought to you by PCSO C6651 David JONES.

This month we are happy to announce a new member to the Downley and Disraeli team. PC 102 Mark GOLDS has joined our neighbourhood. The rest of the team: PC 586 Colin BEDFORD, PCSO C8841 Jennifer WEAVER and myself have been, as always, out showing our presence on foot. If you see any of us on the beat, feel free to speak to us as the information you have could be invaluable.

Neighbourhood Priorities Antisocial Behaviour

The team will be focusing on The Pastures Flats as there have been numerous calls in past years of groups of young people congregating on stairwells.


Hithercroft Road, Hughenden Avenue, Kestrel Close/Pheasant Drive and The Pastures are all roads which the team have been and will continue to keep patrolling to assess the state of the parking issues and warn residents of any obstructions.


Hithercroft Road, Coates Lane, The Pastures and Plomer Hill have all been highlighted to us as roads which attract speeding vehicles. We are working alongside the Parish Council who have obtained funding for a Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) which will be used as traffic monitoring around Downley and Disraeli. Wyatt Close and Gibbs Close Area We have had a number of different incidents in the Wyatt Close and Gibbs Close area of Disraeli.

At the beginning of this month we had four different incidents where tyres were slashed by offenders unknown at the bottom of Gibbs close in the car park of Wyatt Close.

There were two robberies reported to us in the second week of February, where the offender made off with handbags and mobile phones and ran off down the alleyways. There has been a number of reports of a large group of youths at the bottom of Gibbs Close, the neighbourhood team and the ASB tasking car has been tasked to patrol the area to disperse the group and prevent further robberies. If you see anything suspicious in these areas, please call 101.


The parking issues within Downley and Disraeli are still ongoing and the issues along Cumbrian Way, Kelvin Close, Coats Lane and Pheasant Drive. As issues with parking are becoming more prevalent across Downley and Disraeli, the team have started making plans for further action. This will be in the form letters firstly, to warn residents of the problems, before further action is taken in the form of tickets.


This month has thankfully not had any incidents of Burglary. However there has been one incident of a burglary non-dwelling to a garage on the Pastures, unfortunately two motorbikes were stolen, however I am happy to tell you that PCSO Jennifer WEAVER found one of these bikes dumped at the bottom of Cumbrian Way. The bike was recovered and returned to the owner.

We are still handing out timer switches for residents, if you would like to receive a Timer Switch or any guidance on keeping your homes safe during this winter season, don’t hesitate to get in contact. The team would like to stress the importance of keeping homes lit, alarms activated and valuables removed from the view of people walking past. If anyone sees anything suspicious, please let us know on 101.

Have Your Say Meetings

Have Your Say Meetings are opportunities for you to speak with members of your Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Each month we arrange a few dates where we will be available to speak for an allocated hour at a certain location.

Below are a few dates to consider if you wish to talk to us about any issues concerning you: Thursday 6/3/14 16:00 to 1700 at the Downley Community Centre Wednesday 12/3/14 15:00 to 15:30 outside the Downley School Friday 14/3/14 15:00 to 16:00 outside the Disraeli School Sunday 23/3/14 16:00 to 17:00 at Tesco Cross Court