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Apr 2014

Police update for April

April’s monthly update for Downley and Disraeli is brought to you by PCSO C8841 Jennifer WEAVER.

This month your team: PC 586 Colin BEDFORD, PC 102 Mark GOULDS, PCSO C6651 David JONES.

Neighbourhood Priorities Antisocial Behaviour

The team will be focusing on The Pastures Flats and Brindley Avenue as there have been numerous calls in past years of groups of young people congregating on stairwells.

  1. Parking
    Hithercroft Road, Hughenden Avenue, Kestrel Close/Pheasant Drive, Littleworth Road/Coates Lane and The Pastures are all roads which the team will continue to monitor and warn residents of any obstructions.
  2. Speeding
    Hithercroft Road, Coates Lane, The Pastures and Plomer Hill have all been highlighted as roads which attract speeding vehicles. We are working alongside the Parish Council who have obtained funding for a Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) which will be used for traffic monitoring around Downley and Disraeli.
  3. Antisocial Behaviour Noise
    Over the course of the month we received multiple complaints of screaming and banging from a property on Partridge Way which is owned by Chiltern Support Housing. Residing there was a female with a degenerative brain condition. I urge residents to sympathise with the condition of the female and the difficult position we were under to try and ensure her welfare. The female had 24/7 cared so appropriate help was always on hand. This female has since been moved to a more appropriate care facility, so hopefully residents will see a decrease in noise issues. There have been a few reports of noise and drug use from youngsters that congregate on the stairwells of the flats on The Pastures. This has been an issue over the past years, let’s try and stop it early this year by reporting any incidents so we can encourage the youths to congregate elsewhere.


With the return of spring weather we have seen the return of motorbikes and quad bikes. The neighbourhood team are aware of this issue, however we are yet to catch the individuals in the act. These vehicles have been seen on The Pastures, Hughenden Road/ Avenue and on Falcon Rise. If you hear or see these vehicles, please ring on 101 as we are just as desperate to stop them.


In an attempt to curb the nuisance parking being reported along Pheasant Drive, Kestrel Close and Partridge Way: myself and PCSO David JONES posted letters to residents along those roads, advising of where it is unsuitable for vehicles to park. These letters are to raise awareness amongst all residents, we will continue to monitor these roads to ensure parking is unobtrusive. If there are any serious obstructions we will be persuaded to issue tickets. Equally, Coates Lane and Littleworth Road also have parking issues; we will be monitoring these with the thought to posting letters in due course.

Theft from Vehicles

This month has seen two separate incidents of number plates being removed from vehicles in Gandon Vale and Mylne Close. We believe offenders will use these number plates to steal fuel from petrol stations and commit further crimes. If anybody sees any suspicious activity around vehicles please call 101.


This month has unfortunately had two incidents of Burglary. One took place on The Pastures where the property had been left unattended and offenders stole items of jewellery. The second took place on Wyatt Close where the property was again left unattended and offenders made off with jewellery and items of technology. There have also been two incidents of attempted burglaries. On Wyatt Close and Southfield Road, where we believe offenders were disturbed before they could enter the properties. I am glad to announce that three individuals have been caught, these we believe to be responsible for one of the attempted burglaries and for the robberies that took place last month. A suspicious male has since been seen trying door handles of vehicles parked in Wyatt Close.

We continue to hand out timer switches for residents, if you would like to receive a Timer Switch or any guidance on keeping your homes safe, don’t hesitate to get in contact. The team would like to stress the importance of keeping homes lit, alarms activated and valuables removed from the view of people walking past.


There have been two incidents of a large group of teenagers lighting fires in the park area of Rennie Close and leaving behind unsightly litter, this has happened for two weekends running.

Have Your Say Meetings

Have Your Say Meetings are opportunities for you to speak with members of your Neighbourhood Policing Team. Each month we arrange a few dates where we will be available to speak for an allocated hour at a certain location. Below are a few dates to consider if you wish to talk to us about any issues concerning you:

  • Monday 7th April in the Community Centre between 16:00-17:00.
  • Wednesday 16th April outside the Disraeli School between 15:00-15:30.
  • Friday 25th April outside Tesco between 16:00-17:00.

Contact us WycombeWestNHPT@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk or on 101