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Dec 2016

Police Quarterly Newsletter

DOWNLEY & DISRAELI  - Most recent activity reported by residents within Downley and Disraeli is Anti-Social Behaviour around the entrance to Tinkers wood and the radio mast. Police have spoken with a representative of the Neighbourhood Action Group in an attempt to obtain video or photographic evidence of the activity. Police conduct regular patrols at the named area to provide a high visual presence to catch/deter the activity and to provide reassurance to the residents. If you have any information relating to this ASB please inform your local NHPT.

A property in Downley was identified as a hub for drug dealing within the area. Due to reports intelligence gathered was used to execute a warrant at the address. The NHPT assisted in the execution and successful apprehension of the suspected drug dealer. Continued patrols and intelligence gathering is ongoing to prevent this activity returning to the area.

OAKRIDGE & CASTLEFIELD - Officers have been made aware of fly tipping at Petifer Way and we are currently in the process of lobbying Red Kite to close the road off to vehicles until the flats are redeveloped. This should prevent rubbish accumulating and deter anti-social behaviour in the immediate area

BOOKER & SANDS - In the Booker and Sands area of the Wycombe West Neighbourhood there have been many projects that have been worked on by the team. 
The team are currently concentrating their efforts in reducing crime reported by the larger retailers in the Booker area, who are suffering at the hands of shoplifters.  The team are focussing their efforts on making the loss prevention staff employed by these companies work more effectively with the police, to detect crimes in their stores and to assist them in focussing their efforts in a more productive way.  The plans involving plain clothes police operations, staff training inputs and increasing the quality oy of the evidence needed for prosecutions will be implemented before the Christmas period gets into full swing.  
Work is being done with the local YMCA to create a safer environment for residents within the project.  New management policies are assisting with this and working with the Neighbourhood team evictions of residents who are in breach of their tenancy agreements are being considered for eviction.
In early November of this year a prominent drug dealer in the Sands area of High Wycombe was given a 32 month custodial sentence for being in possession of a class A drug with intent to supply it to others.  This was thanks to a great deal of work carried out by the two Police Constables on the Booker team at that time, PC Reading and PC Spain.

Other News
A mini moto was found abandoned on Hithercroft road, police seized the vehicle.
Police have increased patrols throughout Downley and Disraeli in known hotspots and vulnerable areas to deter burglaries.
NHPT conduct School patrols daily to prevent parents parking causing unnecessary obstructions when picking up their children. There has been an increase in reports of parents parking in the bus stops on The Pastures preventing the bus from safely picking up passengers.

Neighbourhood officers PC Spain and PCSO Lester attended Cressex school in November to engage with students at the school.  The students had prepared questions for the officers attending giving them the chance to speak with them and have their questions answered.  The day was very successful and has strengthened the relationship that the Neighbourhood police team have with Cressex school.

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