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Downley Theatre Group


High Wycombe

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Claire Baker
E: clairebaker55@btinternet.com
T: 01494 437552

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Alan and Claire Baker

82 Littleworth Road, Downley, High Wycombe, HP13 5UY

01494 437552

E: Claire Baker


The Theatre Group was formed by us early in 2002 following our move to Downley from Widmer End in August 2001.

The plan was to offer two West End shows a year in spring and autumn but the response has been overwhelming and we’ve arranged many more than expected, as the list at the end demonstrates. We’ve expanded the repertoire with occasional plays, day trips and concerts.

We use a London based company to book the shows which is able to “hold” an allocation of tickets for a few weeks. This gives time to rattle off and distribute a flyer, get the cheques in and full payment made by the deadline. The cost for the return coach trip, ticket and tip for the driver is generally less than the face value of the ticket. And going by coach from Cross Court, Plomer Green Avenue, Downley, is a lot more convenient than driving into London or using public transport!

Most members receive information by e-mail whilst some Villagers have the flyers hand delivered. Members outside Downley are asked to provide stamped addressed envelopes to receive information about the trips and to post their tickets.

There is no membership fee; prices are calculated so one of us goes free to offset the work which goes into arranging a trip, which can be considerable! The Theatre Group is a “not for profit” outfit: we calculate costs to a breakeven point and make refunds if our estimate of the outings popularity proves wrong.

Suggestions for outings are always welcome but we generally look out for the best value for money offers that take our fancy!

How the group works

Members receive a “flyer” by e-mail, post or dropped through their letter box detailing the next trips on offer.

The booking slip should be completed in full; cash is fine, cheques should be made payable to: Mrs C Baker

Then return the booking slip with full payment to our home address:

Alan and Claire Baker   82 Littleworth Road, Downley, High Wycombe, HP13 5UY

Once the closing date has been reached, we work out if the trip is viable and will let members know they are booked by email or telephone. If the trip is cancelled through lack of support, payment is returned.

Joining instructions and tickets, where appropriate, are delivered to members home addresses at least two weeks before the outing date.

There is no membership fee, prices are calculated so I go free to offset the hours of work which go into arranging a trip. There are currently over 257 members and you would be welcome to join. Please telephone, write or e-mail so we can include you in future mailings.

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