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Downley Wine and Beer Club


Downley Community Centre, School Close
High Wycombe
HP13 5TR

Contact Details

E: downleywinebeer@gmail.com
T: 01494 440879
W: tinyurl.com/DownleyWBClub

Meeting Times

  • Meeting: second Wednesday of the month
  • Meeting Time: 20:00

Please keep an eye on the What's on events listing for updates of meeting


You might think that members of a wine club have to be wine 'experts' or, that people who go to a beer club all have facial hair and beer bellies! Or that a wine and beer club is mainly for people who make their own drinks (as was the case when the club was founded 40 years ago). Well, that's not the case for the Downley Wine and Beer Club.

Some of us know a bit about wine, a few of us have done courses, but most of us are just learning what we like, and what to watch out for, as we go along. We have members of all ages from 30 somethings to 70 somethings but all come along because our meetings are sociable, varied and good fun.

The programme is inspired by the interests of our 40 or so members so we have lots of ideas! We've had evenings tasting wines from one country or region, or one particular grape type across the world (the pinot grape type, for example, can be the main grape in white, red, rose and champagne wines). We’ve had evenings on gin, vodka & other spirits all driven by the interests and inspiration from our members.

We've had others where we've attempted to suggest the perfect match wines or beers for chocolate, puddings or cheeses. We've tasted the many varieties of sparkling wines, champagnes, ports and sherries. Every year we aim for 3 external speakers from various wine or beer establishments to talk to us about their business & beverage offerings & give us the opportunity to learn something new & more importantly get to taste them. We've also used well known panel games to inspire evenings of 'Desert Island Drinks', ‘Through the keyhole’ and 'Call my Bluff' (where we try and see if we can match the 'flowery descriptions' off the back of three bottles, to the taste of each wine, usually we can't!).

Occasionally a holiday/trip is used as a wine theme - members have taken us on photo tours of France, New Zealand, Perth, Japan, Verona and Kent accompanied by interesting or unusual drinks and snacks from these areas. Our members receive many opportunities to try drinks and tastes that they wouldn't ordinarily come across and all at fantastic value for an evening of tasting, snacking and socialising.

  • Annual membership £24
  • Meeting fee £5
  • Guests £5 1st visit; £10 2nd visit in same calendar year

We also include a couple of social events each year: a summer barbecue and Christmas Party which are organised on a bring and share basis - a feast is always enjoyed! For the last few years we have also organised successful short breaks by rail to Belgium loosely based around the theme of wine, beer and food.

Apart from the social nature of the club, mixing with lots of other villagers, sampling good fare, and interesting presentations, our members like that it is held locally in Downley Community Centre which is within easy reach for walking given the fact there is alcohol involved.

2018 Programme of Events

 10th January 

A Taste of Wales 

14th February 

Flavours of the Far East 

14th March 

No. 2 Pound Street, Wine & Food Store, Wendover 

11th April 

A Rum Choice 

9th May 


13th June 

Summer Coolers 

23rd June 

The Grape Downley Wine Taste Part II – UP Festival 

14th July * 

Annual BBQ 

8th August * 

Mowchak Curry Evening 

12th September 


10th October 


14th November 

AGM and Wines for Xmas Dinner 

7th December * 

Xmas Party 

9th January 2019 

Wine for Beer Lovers 

13th February 2019 

Alcoholic vs Non-Alcoholic Beverages 

The club meets at :- 

Downley Community Centre, School Close, Downley 

at 8pm on the second Wednesday of each month 

(Except were indicated with *)