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Jun 2015

Local Monthly Policing Update for June - Downley and Disraeli

This month’s update is brought to you by PC 6739 Craig DUNCAN.
There have been a few changes to the Downley and Disraeli Neighbourhood Team recently. We now have 1 PC and 2 PCSO’s who are PCSO C9433 Sydney and PCSO C8621 GIBSON.

Anti Social Behaviour

  • This month there have been a few calls and intelligence to suggest that the issues with quad bikes and mini moto’s is beginning to surface again, as there have been sightings of such vehicles on The Pastures, in the woods by Downley Common that lead towards Naphill and also Hughenden Park.
  • Ball games are being played again on the green by The Pastures where there is a no ball games zone, this will be patrolled more frequently by the Neighbourhood Team to try and encourage the children to play on another green.
  • There have been reports of people using drugs in the woods behind Hithercroft Road. We urge members of the public to contact us so we can try and disrupt and resolve this issue.

Criminal Damage

  • There has been one report of criminal damage where a vehicle has had its door damaged. This is not linked to the incidents happening around the Wycombe area, whereby windows have been smashed on vehicles. 

Theft from Vehicles

  • There have been 5 reports of theft from motor vehicles over this month. The majority have had their number plates taken. We urge the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.
  • The neighborhood team will be issuing security reminders to owners of vehicles who have left valuable items on show in their vehicles to prevent thefts.


  • There have been 0 burglaries in the area this month.
  • The Neighbourhood Team stresses the importance of storing any keys away from the reach of letter boxes and removing any items of value from windows where they could easily be seen by passers-by. This will help avoid any opportunist offenders. As the weather starts to get warmer, residents are inclined to open doors and windows to help cool down. However make sure there are no windows open at the front of the house if you are in the garden as you will not hear any suspicious activity. Also at night, if you’re leaving a window open, make sure to lock it in position so it cannot be opened wider for access to be gained.


  • There has been 1 report of arson on the 4th May where a communal drain pipe in the block of flats on Mendip Way has been set alight. Luckily no person was injured as a result of this.
  • However the Neighbourhood Team is appealing for any witnesses or residents with information to come forward. 

Speed Operation results:

Below are the results of the Speed operation that took place on 15th May. This was done during the day time and vehicle registrations were recorded of those that were driving in excess of 35mph:

  • Hughenden Avenue, between 10:00 and 10:30 there was 24 cars at a speed below 30mph, 15 cars at 30-34mph and 2 cars at 35-39mph
  • Coates Lane at 10:45 and 11:20 there were 37 cars going at a speed below 30mph, 26 cars at 30-34mph, 2 cars at 35-39mph
  • Hithercroft Road at 11:45 and 12:20 there were 15 cars going at a speed below 30mph and 31 cars at 30-34mph

The results show that speeding is an issue in the Neighbourhood. Other Operations will be planned for later in the evening hours and at weekends also as this will allow a better comparison of when speeding is at its worst. This will then allow us to target more effectively those that do not abide by the law. We have also got a designated traffic officer who will be attending future operations.

Disraeli Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) - The next meeting for the Disraeli NAG is yet to be confirmed however as soon as we know, we will let you know.
Have Your Say Meetings - Due to residents not turning up, these meeting have been terminated. This will be effective until demand from the community is high enough to reinstate these meetings.

  • In the mean time the Disraeli NAG and Downley Parish Council are ongoing every month, which we attend also, so residents are able to get hold of the Neighbourhood Team at these scheduled events.
  • PC Craig Duncan is also tweeting on behalf of the Neighbourhood team at @TVP_Wycombe, please follow us on Twitter.

Contact us

If you want any advice or would like to contact the neighbourhood team you can call us on the police non-emergency number 101 or email WycombeWestNHPT@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk – Please note this email address cannot be used to contact Thames Valley Police to report crimes or for any urgent matters.  If you have information about crime or Anti Social Behaviour in your area but you do not want to speak to the police, please call the Crimestoppers charity on  0800 555111